10. Januar 2012

First Things First

Heute habe ich die FTF-Regel von einem Kollegen zugeschickt bekommen. Diese kommt vermutlich nicht originär aus meinen Sportarten, lässt sich allerdings (mit einer gewissen Vorsicht) auch gut auf andere übertragen. Sicher kommt es auf das richtige Mass an, allerdings sollte das nicht zu häufig als Ausrede dienen etwas nicht zu üben.

FTF: (First Things First) Be careful when applying various tactics for optimal practice like 'optimal time' of day to train, 'optimal sequence' of training, optimal this and optimal that. Optimal is all good and nice when the difference is between doing A,B,C optimally and doing A,B,C not optimally. But... With the advice of various internet gurus and other 'Information Brokers', people fall into the trap of NOT GETTING THINGS DONE at all - with the thinking - 'This is not optimal timing/sequencing'. Here is your reality check number 
1: The elite don't make excuses and get the work done. 
2: One never has the best circumstances. NEVER... So - you are inflexible? Perhaps you should consider stretching intensely even before strength sessions. (Again, if the alternative, which is often the case, is not to stretch at all) You are weak? Perhaps you can benefit from extra volume of strength work, even under certain fatigued states. 
Be ware from the trap of 'optimal practice' and stop spreading more excuses than a pregnant nun. Apply the rule of FTF!

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